From Newforge cherries to Seasoners beetroot, all of the products we provide have been chosen so that we are able to provide professional food businesses with the best products at the right price.


We offer a range of additional quality products including:


- Marillo Cherries Glace (1000g)

- Seasoners Beetroot (2.25kg)

- Seasoners Red Cabbage (2.25kg)

- Seasoners Pickled Onions (2.27g)

- Seasoners Sweet Pickle (360g & 2.4kg)

- Little Pickle Company Onions (269g)

- Limburg Button Mushrooms (800g & 2.25kg

- Farmpol Gooseberries (3000g)

- Raisins and Sultanas (3kg)


For more information about our selection of high quality produce please do not hesitate to contact us.