Global Sourcing.

Local Service.

Marillo Foods is a leading importer and distributor of canned foods, oils, pasta and dried fruit to the foodservice and manufacturing sectors.

Supplying over 100 products from canned fruit to olives, pickles to canned vegetables, fish to meat and pasta - we provide an extensive range of high quality products.

We are dedicated to supplying the best products and providing high quality, locally focused service to all of our customers.


High Quality Products Guaranteed


All of our products are carefully and ethically sourced from the best producers across the globe.

You can be assured that every product you order is made from the highest quality produce.

Working With Your Business


Marillo Foods have provided high quality produce to the foodservice industry since 2002.

We are experts in helping food businesses find the right products at the right price.

Marillo Select Produce


Our range of Marillo Select Produce has been developed and refined over years of working closely with our customers. We are proud that wherever possible our delicious products use natural ingredients with no artificial flavours or colours.